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Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...
Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in San Francisco. It was only a computer case with no parts inside.-Daniel A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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How to find free images by using Google Images 

Go to Google click on the Top on Google Images

Search for a Image you want go to Advanced Search

When you see the Drop Down labeled
Usage Rights

choose No Filtering on

Google Safe Search

and then not filtered by license

So now you can use it everywhere

It should be nice if you mention the maker of the Image

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How to put more Security to Google Chrome with the Extension VT Chromizer from Virus Total

Virus Total PNG

Virus Total

If you use Google Chrome and want more Security before visiting a Website ?

I don”t think you say NO to it

Go to Chrome Webstore and add VT Chromizer from Virus Total to your Google Chrome

It is free of charge

Now you can check every Website you Visit with more then 51 Anti Virus Scanners

Click on the Website before Visiting it and scan it

Don”t forget to Look up for More Information  Check with more Website Security Scans

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